Adam Ware

Welcome to my site. Here is my story:

I’m a Chicago native who went to college at Willamette University, and then lived in mostly in Oregon for about 20 years. I moved to Minneapolis in 2014.

I started my career in web development, and then moved into consulting and marketing. I’ve worked for startups and vendors in software and ecommerce the entire time.

Nowadays, I spend most of each functioning as the CEO at SwellPath, a digital marketing agency with offices in Minneapolis and Portland.

The rest of the time I play dad to some awesome kids, and husband to an awesome wife. I document a lot of that through my photostream.

If you’d like more info on my background, check out my LinkedIn profile.  If you’re interested in our services, or having me speak or present, email me. And of course, you can always connect with me through the social icons on the sidebar.

I don’t write on here much any more, but old posts are in the blog. Here is a full third-person-perspective biography of Adam Ware.

Thanks for visiting.